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What is Pay-Per-Click or PPC Advertising, anyway?

PPC advertising is a way to get your site ranked at the top of this search engine without having to go through the months of optimization, submission, testing and tweaking normally required for top ranking. You simply bid on the keywords you would like your site to come up under when someone searches. You only pay for each unique visitor to your site. And since SearchSpot PPC advertising bids start at only 2¢ per visitor, you can see your Return On Investment will be excellent.

Of course our staff examines all bids to make sure that your site is completely relevant to the keyword you are bidding on. We want not only to make sure our PPC advertising listings are very useful to the searcher, but also that you get highly targeted visitors that are searching for exactly what you have!

Signing up for a PPC advertising account is simple. Simply find the search terms that best fit your site using the Search Term Suggestion Tool and fill in the blanks! Remember that click-through rates are much higher if the search term is both in the Title and Description of your search result.

And make sure to sign up for as many search terms as possibly apply to your site. Although SearchSpot is a high-traffic site, the amount of searches performed is nowhere near the big boy, so sign up for lots of terms!

An example of the PPC advertising sign-up screen:

After filling in all the search results information, you'll be taken to the paypal payment screen to make your initial deposit to open your account. The minimum opening deposit is $25, but for a limited time, SearchSpot will MATCH YOUR FIRST DEPOSIT up to $200! This effectively cuts the cost of your bids in half!

After submitting your bid info and making the payment, your information will be forwarded to the approval department. It can take up to 24 hours to approve your listings, but most accounts are live within a few hours.

REMEMBER: Your PPC advertising account will not be active until your listings are approved, so you won't be able to log into the members area until then. You will receive an email notification.

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